watch me fall above like a vicious dove
i'll bleed out for you


She crossed one arm over her chest, rubbing at her other arm. She was fighting to stay composed, crying wouldn’t do shit for her and she knew that. She had really fucked her chances with Jackson up. She was to blame and now she had to face her consequences. Her eyes watched him as he stared at her, before he moved forward, her gaze following him. Her stomach dropped and she nearly choked a sob out at the sight of the leash and lock, but luckily she didn’t. She stood stone still as the leash was locked to her collar, the whole time chewing on the inside of her lip to keep from crying. 

Leashed up like a dog, she was lead towards the bed on the floor. She wouldn’t have disobeyed and left, but she understood why he had the leash. At his command, she moved forward and slowly sunk to her knees on the cushion, remaining silent and staring off at the wall behind him. Her hand rest still on her knees a she waited for him to move or speak. 

Jackson managed to remain as composed as possible as he secured her to the bed post, everything locked properly. “Tonight I have business in the house to attend to. You may watch without interruption. The first task is taking off the door hinges and getting rid of electric devices. Also any alcohol, instruments of harm, et cetera.” He left her for quite some time chained to the bed rail. Down the hall, there was the sounds of a room being torn apart. There was her ever trusty knife, which Jackson pocketed, a box full of small liquor bottles he had found spread everywhere in her room. He began with her clothes: mostly pajamas. He began tossing things into a laundry basket. She didn’t have many clothes yet because he hadn’t really taken her shopping yet. He put underwear, lingerie, socks, shoes, jeans, shorts, sweatpants, jackets and bras into the hamper. He left her perfume and makeup on her vanity, pausing for a second when he saw his photo framed by her bed. In a fit of fury he slammed it down on the table so hard the glass shattered. Being firm with her was much more difficult. He picked up a brush and deodora nt before moving into the bathroom adjoined to her bedroom. He ripped the door off those hinges too, propping it up against the wall, and grabbed a box of tampons, her toothbrush and paste, and a few other various sundries. A majority of her belongings had already migrated into his room. He removed the door from its hinges too, and leaned it against the wall. No privacy.

He returned and set her hamper down. “These are your essentials. You will only have access to a phone preprogrammed to call or text me, and three other numbers when I assign them. Bryce will be one.” It was the very small freedom she would be able to have. “Your television and computer wires have all been unhooked, ipod taken. No more liquor and no more knives.” He brandished her knife before bending it in half effortlessly. He tossed it carelessly off to the side before retreating into the bathroom. He returned with a syringe. “I’m going to inject you with some medicine so you can sleep tonight without nghtmares.”



The sunlight made her eyes sore, pupils failing to dialate properly. This much sun was rare. “I get three meals a day, most days.” It was clear she was malnourished, not much bigger than she was when she arrived.

Hs brows furrowed as he reached out and circled his thumb and middle finger around her tiny wrist. There was still room between his fingers and her skin. “But I bet they’re just enough to keep you alive and not a calorie more.” He removed his Ray Bans and slid them on her face over her eyes.


Mak had to wonder if he’d have even moved while she had been gone. He looked to be as as still as a statue, the same he’d been when she left. She reluctantly let him take Sadie from her arms, the pup having given her some form of comfort while she’d been gone. She made sure to let no more tears slip out from her eyes as she stood there. Nodding at his command, her bare feet padded over the floor as she made her way to the bathroom. 

She stood standing in front of the mirror, watching her pathetic form in the reflection. Her eyes closed briefly, hoping she’d stop looking as pathetic, hoping the redness would fade. After about two minutes, she sighed, using the bathroom. She surprisingly had to go. When she finished, she washed her hands and dried them, rubbing the cool, damp towel over her heated face to cool her skin. Taking a deep breath, she dropped the towel in the hamper and stepped from the bathroom, standing once again in silence.

If he didn’t move now, it was to keep himself from grabbing her up in his arms and kissing away the tears. Who said he was a heartless bastard. Jackson remained almost unblinking as she went about her business in the bathroom. He strained in the silence, listening to her footsteps first on stone, then on the bath mat, then into the toilet room. When she reappeared, he looked at her hazily before blinking and walking towards her. Taking a small padlock, he clipped it to the end of a sturdy leather leash and then fastened both, locked onto the link of her collar. He didn’t trust her to stay in her bed—not that he wouldn’t overpower her if she did make a run for it. But she might try to get in the bed, or back to her own bedroom. In the morning their rules would be established. For now, he needed to think things out.

Jackson took the end of the leash and led Makayla to the pet bed at the foot of his bed. It would be comfortable enough but just as demeaning. He pointed, gesturing for her to lay down on the bed. “Now.”


There is always more coming…